Nature in Central Virginia

The bugs are bigger, scarier and more abundant here (except mosquitoes). Two mornings recently (yesterday being one of them), I've left my house by having to duck under a spider's web which appeared over my front door during the evening. The first morning it happened, a giant hornet flew into the house while I was trying to avoid the spider. A squirrel perished in my driveway last week, and the carcass was disgusting.

However, on Sunday, I had to stop to let a family of 6 deer meander across the road. Yesterday, I came home to this when I hopped out of the truck.

She didn't spook as I passed her, and ascended the stairs to the house. Also, if you look carefully, you can see a kitty in the above photo.

Later in the evening, I saw a Virginia Blue Skink....very pretty but too fast to take a picture of.

There are definitely downsides living in rural central Virginia, but I love it.