I miss my Sims! Busy week!

I haven't played the Sims, or any computer game, at all this week.

Really, it is no wonder I'm feeling sort of "meh" this week- bummed, unexcited, low, etc...

Life has just been very busy. We've been coming home later this week due to errands and after normal hours obligations. There has been little in the way of "me" time this week. This weekend we have plans to declutter and play Civilization. While decluttering will be rewarding, and Civilization with the husband will be fun....there is still no time for Simming in the plan. I need to change that.

I also want to find more time to blog, not just about the Sims, but about everything. Blogging makes me feel more connected to people- especially when people reach out and leave comments, or chat with me on Twitter. I want more comments and tweets...that means more posts! Or more consistent posting, but I'm not sure how I can achieve that.

 Thursday's daily spread (before it was filled in).

Thursday's daily spread (before it was filled in).