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WDW Trip Planning

Duffy & Shellie May's Blog

Duffy is a very special teddy bear...he's the teddy bear of Mickey Mouse, himself! Minnie made Duffy for Mickey before he went on a long journey overseas. Duffy loves to travel. Here you can learn about Duffy's adventures with his best friend, Shellie May.

Goals for 2017 WDW Trip:

  • Record ride order on park map to help remember my trip details better
  • Eat a Disney Cupcake (that’s not the Grey Stuff, already tried that)
  • Do Pick-A-Pearl in the Japan Pavilion
  • Get at least three character autographs
  • Buy a pair of earrings from a country in the world showcase (not Mexico, already have a pair)
  • Ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • See Festival of the Lion King
  • Watch the Main Street Electrical Parade
  • Take photos and record useful information for three excellent experiences with Cast Members, so I can give them a shout-out
  • Three photos of us (either Jimmy or I) per day
  • Be a Fairy Godmailer for the Lines community

Movies I Want to See Before my Trip to WDW in January of 2017!

This list comes from this post: Movies I Want to See Before My Disney Trip

  1. Peter Pan
  2. Snow White- Watched
  3. Fantasia
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Dumbo- Watched
  6. Lilo & Stitch- Watched
  7. Mary Poppins
  8. Pinocchio- Watched
  9. Jungle Book
  10. Pocahontas- Watched
  11. Princess & The Frog
  12. Indiana Jones
  13. Music Man
  14. Apple Dumpling Gang
  15. The Right Stuff
  16. The Muppet Movie- Watched
  17. Disney Nature
  18. The African Queen
  19. Dinosaur
  20. The Aristocats- Watched
  21. The Three Cabelleros
  22. Tangled
  23. Brave- Watched
  24. Swiss Family Robinson
  25. Star Wars 4
  26. Star Wars 5
  27. Star Wars 6
  28. Star Wars 7
  29. Tom Sawyer
  30. Ratatouille- Watched
  31. Big Hero 6- Watched
  32. Finding Dory- Watched
  33. Zootopia