Meet Vincent Donaldson

Vincent grew up in a foster home as one of many children. His foster mother was kind and did her best to provide Vincent with food, clothing and shelter. Vincent liked her well enough, and he couldn't complain. His childhood was fine.

On the other hand, Vincent's foster mom was a very busy woman and much of her attention was diverted to other children who had more complicated issues. Vincent was quiet and helpful, and often went unnoticed in the background. 

Vincent worked and saved enough money to buy a small home in Sunset Valley when he was old enough to leave. His deepest desire in life is to have a family of his very own. A close-knit, loving bunch. He can't wait to get married.

Sunset Valley was a perfect little town, in his mind. Nestled between grand mountains and the beautiful coastline. It was far different from the city he was raised in. 

On his first day in Sunset Valley, Vincent visited the park, and witnessed the most beautiful interaction: an elderly couple enjoying a picnic in the middle of the park. They had even dressed up for the occasion. True, perhaps they were on their first date, but Vincent had a hunch that they were married. 

While out exploring his new neighborhood, Vincent stopped to play chess while in the park. He knows improving his mind is an important endeavor. Honestly, though, he'd prefer to be sitting on the couch at home- he's a bit of a couch potato. But, he's excited about his new town.

Vincent took a job at the local hospital. He didn't really know what he wanted to do, but he likes helping people. He also knows doctors make good money. Money will be important for starting his new family.

He did have another idea, though. See, Vincent loves books. What if he could write them as well as read them? In his time off, he headed down to the library to borrow their computer to work on his writing skills.