Bullet Journal


My husband and I are what you would call "Cat Enthusiasts". We are owned by six wonderful cats who we dote upon and whom give us much joy. Here you can find updates on our cats, reviews of cat products we've tried, lots of photos, and informative articles about caring for cats.


Walt Disney World is my happy place....my home away from home...my dream vacation destination. As someone who loves story-telling, imagination, games, fun, animation, silliness, learning and childlike joy, Disney is my perfect place (the customer service is also fantastic). I'm fortunate in that my husband also likes Disney (though not as much as me) and fully supports my obsession. I love all things Disney, but my passion for anything park-related is stronger. 

Here you will find recommendations on Disney-related media (blogs, podcasts), updates on my travel plans (I love planning Disney trips!), recommendations on how to plan your own trips, and other DIsney-related posts. 

Duffy & Shellie May

This is an off-shoot of my Disney blog...Duffy the Disney Bear is a very special character from the world of DIsney Parks. He's Mickey's teddy bear (created for him by Minnie). Duffy loves traveling (especially to Disney, but other places work too). I tend to take Duffy, and his good friend Shellie May, with me on my other adventures (even local ones). While I don't like to appear in photos, the bears do! Their blog is a great way to find out what I've been up to.

The Sims

The PC game the Sims has been around since February 2000, and I've been playing it ever since! I've had all the games (1 through 4) plus a lot of the extra content. I love the Sims for its ability to tell stories. On this blog, you can find whatever stories I'm currently telling about what is going on in my game!

Everything Else

I blog because I'm a shy introvert who doesn't like talking, but enjoys telling everyone everything. Once you get me started talking, it's hard to get me to stop. ;)

On my Everything Else page, you'll find posts about whatever I'm currently into....whether that be Legos, Tsum-tsums, Pokemon Go, other PC games, books, podcasts, board games, roleplaying games, subscription boxes, science and more. You'll find a lot of recommendations for products I love. Any self-improvement challenges I do will also go here.