We are the proud parents of nine fantastic cats. Two of our cats recently passed away, but they will forever be our children. Seven kitties currently reside in our home: Dixee (18), Whisket (15), Meredith (est. 8), Miles (7), Melody (7), Fred (7) and now Michael (est. 1). Lefty died from old age (21) and Harree passed far too young (12) from a chronic kidney disease condition he had since birth.  Miles, Melody & Fred are the children of Meredith, who was a stray we adopted. Michael was an injured kitty who showed up at our door.

  1. Mostly grey with white chest & paws: Lefty
  2. Calico & orange tiger mix: Dixee
  3. Half gray stripes and half white: Whisket
  4. Mottled grey with orange highlights: Harree
  5. Tortie: Meredith
  6. Orange tiger (Red Tabby): Miles
  7. All black with a few white tufts on chest, serious eyes: Fred
  8. All black with wide, innocent eyes: Melody
  9. Orange/Strawberry Blonde: Mike Wazowski! 

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