We are the proud parents of eight fantastic cats. Two of our cats recently passed away, but they will forever be our children. Six kitties currently reside in our home: Dixee (16), Whisket (14), Meredith (est. 7+), Miles (6), Melody (6) and Fred (6). Lefty died from old age (21) and Harree passed far too young (12) from a chronic kidney disease condition he had since birth.  Miles, Melody & Fred are the children of Meredith, who was a stray we adopted.

  1. Mostly grey with white chest & paws: Lefty
  2. Calico & orange tiger mix: Dixee
  3. Half gray stripes and half white: Whisket
  4. Mottled grey with orange highlights: Harree
  5. Tortie: Meredith
  6. Orange tiger: Miles
  7. All black with a few white tufts on chest, serious eyes: Fred
  8. All black with wide, innocent eyes: Melody

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