Mail Call: An Advent Calendar with Journal Supplies!!!

Yesterday, I received the package containing the advent calendar I ordered from one Mrs. Brimble. I’m SO EXCITED.

I adore advent calendars and I typically have a couple to open each season. In the past, I have done Lego calendars, Tsum-tsum calendars, and others. This year, I wanted something more practical…something useful that wouldn’t create more clutter (currently a focus in my home) but would still make me gleefully happy and childlike. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this calendar!

Mrs. Brimble’s Advent Boxes are individually wrapped gifts of planner supplies. I got the washi tape box, which I found on Etsy. However, they have one with general planner supplies too. You can bet that if I like this one, next year I’ll be getting both!

I will post updates with photos of my treasures throughout the month of December.

A box with many small packages wrapped in red polka dot paper.
A short letter from Mrs. Brimble explaining the advent box.