Sims 4 Self-Care Challenge- Post #1: Meet Claudia

Welcome to the first post of this Sims 4 story! This is a Sims self-care challenge that I am creating. This challenge will be interactive meaning that you, dear reader, can participate through polls and comments. I am super excited about this challenge story.

You can read more about my challenge here:

The Setup

I created two adult Sims to act as the parents of our target Sim. I crafted them to be…less than ideal parents. I randomly generated them and then tweaked them a bit to give them some character. I then gave them personalities that weren’t really suited to parenting. I then used the genetics tool to create two offspring for them. I didn’t tweak the offspring (I like there to be some randomness to my Sims).

Brielle Zaragoza

A pale Sim with short, dark hair wearing a light rose-colored shirt. She wears makeup that matches her shirt.

Brielle is self-absorbed, ambitious and hot-headed. She cares only for herself and her success and gets angry when things don’t go her way. She dreams of being the CEO of a company someday. She spends all her time trying to climb the career ladder.

Orien Zaragoza

A smug looking gentleman with a slightly darker complexion dressed in a shirt and vest. He wears a scarf.

Orien is a gregarious snob who hates children. He also has a bit of a dark and gloomy side that he keeps hidden from all except his family. He loves to judge others and has made a career as an art critic.

Carrie Zaragoza

A child Sim with dark brown hair and medium skin. She wears a black tee over a purple striped longsleeve tee.

I also gave our Sim an older sister. Carrie was a hot-headed and energetic child who grew up to be a snob just like her father and angry just like her mother. Carrie is argumentative, insensitive and a tad dastardly. She loves mischief and causing drama. She is now an style influencer.

Claudia Zaragoza

A cute toddler Sim with black hair and medium brown skin, pink glasses, a bow and a pink dress.
An adult Sim with dark hair and medium brown skin wearing a rose-colored sweatshirt and jeans.

Finally, we have the baby of the family and our target Sim, Claudia. Claudia grew up to be hot-headed like her mother and sister. She is also argumentative something she probably learned from her sister. Claudia prefers to spend time alone. She can be a bit lazy and irresponsible. She has trouble controlling her emotions. Despite her history, she wants to have a good relationship with her family and she’d like to be a parent someday. She just became a young adult and is looking to find her way.

Claudia reading a book.

Claudia currently lives at home with her parents. She has a distant but still positive relationship with her sister and her mother. She’s friends with her father. Claudia spends a lot of time by herself reading to get away from the shouting and drama that her family likes to bring to life.

Claudia yelling.

Since Claudia has transitioned into a young adult, she has been fighting with her mother about her life goals and her career. Claudia is currently working part-time at a fast food place and isn’t quite ready to choose a career path yet, much to her mother’s disappointment. Brielle wants to see her daughter become a powerful business professional like her.

Claudia playing in some spilled trash outside.

Hmm…our Sim is a bit of a…fixer-upper. Side note- I now have the Frozen song stuck in my head. Here we find her playing in some trash. I honestly don’t know what inspired her to do this, but eewww.

A messy bedroom with stack of books, art supplies and clothes on the floor.

She doesn’t do the best job at keeping her room tidy either, but it could be worse.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help Claudia find her way to a happy and healthy life. We are going to achieve this by using actual self-care ideas and activities. We should consider all the possible types of self-care: emotional, physical, social, environmental, etc…You can think of yourselves as the collective life coach of Claudia.

So, life coaches of Claudia….what should she do first?

Leave suggestions for self-care activities Claudia should engage in, in the comments below. I will start collecting ideas and at the bottom of the next post we will have a poll! Thanks in advance for participating!

There are no right answers to this. All ideas are welcome. I will add more information about self-care in these posts as we go, but for now, I want to hear what your immediate reactions are!