Cat Product Recommendation: Feline Fiber Response Food

For over a year, Whisket struggled with chronic minor constipation. She would be able to go, but her stool was extra large, dry, and it would sometimes require a bit of straining. The vet recommended we add a capsule of Metamucil to her wet food, which definitely helped, but it didn't get rid of the problem.

Whisket is a very challenging cat to take to the vet. I'm a huge proponent of annual vet checkups and taking kitties to the vet the moment anything seems amiss. The rest of our cats go to the vet's office very often (at least twice a year for checkups, plus anytime there's a sign of illness), and my vet knows me very well. This should tell you what I mean by "challenging"...this isn't because she might bite, or does a bit of is because she goes BAT-SH*T-INSANE. Seriously. My vet recommends NOT bringing her back except when necessary because it clearly stresses her out way too much. It's not just the vet...Whisket can't travel or be around other animals. She's one of the happiest, most affectionate, sweetest cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...until she is removed from her "safe" environment. She needs an area to call her own, that she is very familiar with. Once removed from that area, she makes indescribable noises that are mix of growling, yowling and hissing, and very loud; and attempts to lunge at anything nearby for a full-on attack with claws swinging.

In fairness to her, she has never actually hurt me...even during our most recent vet visit when I had to hold her while the vet checked her out. However, she scares me when she is like this...and angry cats usually don't scare me. I've administered plenty of medicine, subq fluids, tended wounds for outdoor cats...I'm never without a cat scratch somewhere on my body (though the cause was usually accidental). 

Anyway, several weeks ago she had an actual bout of constipation. She started eating very little. I was very worried, and took her to the vet. The experience was pretty awful, and I felt bad for my vet (though she was a total champ, and completely awesome about it). She got a clean bill of health, some laxative, and a prescription for a new diet.


I HIGHLY recommend this diet. If you have a cat with chronic constipation, I cannot recommend this diet enough. I'm sad we didn't put her on this sooner. I hardly had to use any laxative. A couple days on this diet and it was like magic...normal-sized, normal-shaped, very regular stool! She had also been having some litterbox issues...the issues completely stopped. 

Whisket is a very picky eater. For example, she loves the classic Salmon Fancy Feast, but dislikes the Salmon with Gravy (texture issues), the Flaked Tuna (also texture) and the classic Roasted Chicken (taste). If she doesn't like, she just won't eat it. She LOVES this food. Sadly, they do not have a wet food. We tried the gastrointestinal high energy wet food (vet recommendation), and she did not like it. She now eats the Fiber Response dry food with one can of regular wet food a day.

Several weeks later and her issues are still completely resolved. No new issues or complications. She is more consistently happy these days, which makes me happy too.