Disney Countdown: Week 32

New Touring Plan Strategy

My favorite part of Disney planning- creating touring plans! 

My previous plan (for our canceled trip) was to focus on specific areas inside of each park each day (for parks we were visiting more than once) in an effort to absorb the unique atmospheres of each land better. This is STILL going to be my strategy. However, I'm changing my "save the best for last" mindset. I had originally planned to do the parts of the parks I love the most on the later days in an effort to prolong the excitement. Recently, I've been having doubts about this plan...rides go down all the time...particularly older attractions, like Pirates. 

After discussing it with Jimmy, we decided we should do the opposite...start with our favorite lands first, and go backwards. This way if something we love is down the first day, we still have time to catch it. 

I had started working on our first day, in the Magic Kingdom, with Tomorrowland. Now, I'll be reworking the plan. The first thing we'll be doing on Day 1 after rope drop is heading to Adventureland! 

On this trip, we are planning on taking more time to appreciate the atmosphere, and also a lot of the smaller attractions we missed last time. We plan on riding Dumbo and Prince Charming's Carousel. Jimmy *may* have convinced to go on the tea cups (he also may regret that decision when he has to deal with the aftermath!). I also plan on doing more character meet n' greets. We plan on skipping some things we did last time that we didn't find hugely enjoyable. We found Space Mountain uncomfortable on our last trip, so we may give it a pass. Jimmy doesn't enjoy the 360 movies, so we'll be skipping O, Canada and Reflections of China. We also may skip the Stitch ride (it's mediocre), and possibly some shows at Hollywood Studios. 

Movie Updates!

We've been blowing through the list now that we have a library card! We've recently watched Ratatouille, Brave, The Muppet Movie and Pinocchio. This weekend we'll be checking on Finding Dory. I'll be posting an updated move list on the main Disney page.

Are you planning a Disney trip? Tell me about it in the comments!