Zipadeedoodah: 105 days to WDW

This week is a rough one...stressful and physically demanding. My shoulders and upper back are very sore thanks to my outpouring of elbow grease. Still, I'm in a fantastic mood because next week the WDW countdown is in the DOUBLE digits!!!!!

I've made a list of my autographs! Look how many I obtained in 2017 vs. 2015. Thanks anxiety meds!

2015: Duffy Bear

2017: Russell, Mickey Mouse, Sadness, Joy, Minnie Mouse, Green Army Man, Dale, Pluto, Goofy, Chip, Rafiki, Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Ariel.


I'm also making a spreadsheet (surprise!) with all of the places we've dined on the past two trips with rating from both Jimmy and I. I plan to use this to figure out which counter service places we'll be visiting (a mix of favorites and new places).


What's Next:

  • Book a Star Wars Dessert Party (sadly, the times aren't released yet)
  • Finish list of our "Must Dos" for this trip
  • Finish list of possible quick service places we are interested in trying
  • Review some of the preexisting touring plans to see if I want to create my own or modify
  • Make an autograph wishlist for this trip