Duffy & ShellieMay see the Eclipse!


My person took us with her person, and another person (who was kind of bear-like himself) in a long car ride to see something called the "eclipse".


My person didn't have a filter on her camera, and her camera was just a smart phone. But she took pictures of the sun anyway, just to see what would happen.


We went down a random rural road in the middle of the path of totality. We pulled over and had our very own little section...with no people or traffic. It was great!


My person needs to ask her person (who is smarter about sky things) what caused this effect, but we liked the weird little purple moon, so we posted it anyway.


Here is our person sitting in a camping chair with her silly glasses on.


Another neat photo of the weird purple spot.


It got dark and very pretty!


My person took an eclipse selfie.


My person got a little fidgety after the totality...so she started taking random photos. Like this one of her person.


And this one of us!


After the eclipse, my person found her friends in the same area and they got together for dinner. We weren't invited. She said something about how chalk, BBQ, children and stuffed teddy bears do not mix.


Cute family!


The traffic on the way back was the worst my person has ever seen. It took them 7 hours to get to their spot in the morning, but 13 hours to get back. UGH!


The rest stops were FULL....people were parking on the grass near the exit! That's what we had to do.

We had an amazing time, but on the next one....we plan to stay for a couple days after!

Finding Dory

We went to see the new Pixar movie Finding Dory for our person's birthday! ShellieMay dressed up as Dory, and Duffy dressed up as Nemo. Our person had on a shirt with the seagulls from Finding Nemo and it said "Mine, Mine, Mine".

We all thought the movie was very, very good. It was better because we had seen the original, and were already attached to the characters.

It wasn't quite as moving as Inside Out, and it wasn't quite as funny as we'd hoped, but still fabulous with some wonderful characters (Hank the cranky octopus did not disappoint!). 

We highly recommend the movie. We can't wait to see some of the characters in the Turtle Talk with Crush exhibit at Epcot in January. They've already been added. We're hoping they add even more to the Seas that's Dory-related.

Our person is obsessed with Dory, and everyone knows it. Here's the cake she got from the wonderful people she works with!!!

And here's the one she had at home!

Until our next adventure,

Duffy & ShellieMay