TR: Cake YR 3

As of Thursday evening, Cake was three years old. Cake has had a difficult time of it since I've adopted Candy. Candy us on a newer care system, and is on the path to becoming an iconic music star. I think the selection of these individuals must be an important part of tama tradition. Anyway, there's been quite a learning curve withe the new system As such, Cake has been feeling slightly neglected. I know this because tamas display their emotional memory through their biology...



Cake is 70% trained and weighs 24 lbs. In addition to the tama staples (bread, sushi, scones and cereal) she had some BBQ and a sandwich. 

For snacks she gas juice, a couple of donuts and cheesecake. In her inventory she has sunglasses, a cap and a bow. 

She has two new games now...a memory one and a sprinting one. She's very well behaved. She has yet to meet Candy.