8 Halloween Podcast Recommendations

  1. Anything Ghost- Anything Ghost has been around for awhile now, so the audio and formatting are well-established. I consider this the least creepy of the podcasts I'm going to recommend. Anything Ghost tells personal ghost stories as reported by the people who experienced them. This means that the vast majority are just minor events or things that make you wonder. If you have a healthy dose of skepticism (like me), you'll find these stories curious, but not scary.
  2. Here Be Monsters- Here be Monsters is not about anything supernatural and it is non-fiction. These are stories about real-life monsters, fears, the unknown....the topics are interesting, fascinating, often dark, and all over the place. This week's episode is about a boy growing up in a deeply religious environment and trying to fight his attraction to other boys. Last episode, we learned about flesh-eating beetles. And the week before that, a girl's battle with an eating disorder. It's hard to explain the atmosphere of the show, so just give it a listen.
  3. Alice Isn't Dead- Alice Isn't Dead is a unique piece of fiction about a truck driver and her pursuit for her missing wife. You bounce back and forth between her talking in her truck, to events occurring recently on her mission, to flashbacks from her past with her wife. It's from the Welcome to Night Vale folks, and the audio is very good. It is more supernatural murder mystery...not too scary, but creepier than the above two.
  4. Welcome to Lime Town- Limetown is another fictional supernatural mystery. It's about an entire community that went missing. The tone is creepier than Alice, in my opinion. Still safe for non-horror people though. :)
  5. The Lift- The Lift is creepy, but low on the scary scale. There is a bit of supernatural, plenty of murder, and plenty of evil people. It's very well done, and creepy little Victoria adds a certain playful & cute vibe. I love this one.
  6. We're Alive- A serialized zombie survival story that will take you a LONG time to get through. The voice acting and audio is fantastic. It is a "can't-put-down" situation like a good book. It's pretty action packed with plenty of zombie killings, so non-horror people be wary.
  7. No Sleep- This is a straight-up horror podcast. However, it was the thing that made me realize I LIKED horror. I was completely unaware until I found this beautifully produced podcast of short fiction that just happens to be horror. Since it's audio, the gore factor is minimal. If you are interested in horror at all, you should give it a go. If you dislike horror, please turn around now.
  8. Pseudopod- This podcast is new to me, so I'm unsure where it falls on the creepy scale. However, I did just listen to a very creepy, slightly scary and well-produced piece that had me on the edge of my seat. So, I think this one is going to be down here with No Sleep.

Pleasant Nightmares!