Free Class on Sharks!

I took my programming course through a site called edX that offers free (unless you want a  certificate) online courses. I've taken two online courses (the other through Iversity) and I found both of them informative, enjoyable and rewarding.

edX has partnered with Cornell University and The University of Queensland Australia to offer a course all about SHARKS!

According to their website, here is what you'll learn about: 

  • "Habitats and distributions of sharks from around the world.
  • Evolutionary history and relationships of sharks and allies.
  • Functional anatomy of swimming, breathing, and eating.
  • Aspects of sensory biology, reproduction, and behavior.
  • Ecological roles of sharks.
  • Historical and cultural aspects of shark-human interactions.
  • The impacts of human behavior on shark populations.
  • How biology can inform conservation efforts."

Despite my current lack of time, I'm still considering signing up. It's free, so if I don't pass- who cares? I'll at least get to watch the videos and lectures I'm interested in. This course is shorter than my programming one, and looks like it won't be as much of a time suck.

If you also want to take it, here's the link:

edX course on sharks