My Pokemon Go

Are you still playing Pokemon Go? My Facebook trending feed was telling people that people are no longer playing it. I still am! 


This is my avatar...I'm currently level 13 and on Team Mystic. I haven't managed to get any Pokemon powerful enough to compete at the gyms I encounter. The only gyms I see are very popular as they are on a college campus.

Unfortunately, there is VERY little activity in my neighborhood. I can take a 30 minute walk and only encounter 3 or 4 Pokemon. There are no Pokestops or Gyms within walking distance. There's not much even a short drive away...the busiest local area is the shopping center with the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, gas station, goodwill, etc....I can get several Pokemon there, but there are still NO Pokestops. I never get Pokemon in my home either (unless I use incense).

When we went to our local pizza place, I caught a Rattata in my chips! I get the most Pokemon when visiting our local restaurants.

Jimmy's office tends to have Krabbys and Oddish. I feel this says a lot about the occupants of this office! :::snicker:::

I don't get a very wide variety of Pokemon as I don't have much time to play. I typically play on my walk from my lab to Jimmy's office (and then to the car) it's the same route every day. There's surprisingly few Pokemon, but there's numerous Pokestops. As I mentioned, I also play in the grocery store parking lot on weekends, and anytime we go to a restaurant. 

Today we went to a gathering for Jimmy's department at the observatory on campus. There was 3 stops nearby and a gym. I was able to catch one Pokemon I had not previously captured- Venomoth!

Where do you play Pokemon? Do you use gyms, or do you just collect them? How often do you play?