Personal Podcast Tournament: Week 1

It's no secret that I'm a fan of "elimination" games. For example, my favorite Sims challenge is The Bachelor Challenge.

I like to do this with my everyday life too. I'm planning my next Disney trip and we're selecting restaurants by eliminating the ones we don't want, round by round, until we are left with the amount we need. It makes me feel more sure of the decisions I make. I can be indecisive, and it is easier to decide to eliminate one and keep the rest than to just choose one. At least in my brain.

Which is why I'm doing my own personal little podcast tournament to decide what shows I will listen to each week.

My list of podcasts that I listen to is way too long, and I end up listening to episodes weeks, months or even years after they are aired. I'd like to do a better job of keeping up with my favorites. My new plan is to update my MP3 player weekly, and only download just enough to get me to the next week.

But...which ones to choose? many to choose?

That's where the fun happens!!!!

Each week, I will have a selection of shows that I am "considering", as well as a growing pool of shows I keep up with weekly. The pool of "keeping" weekly shows is starting at 0. The pool of "considering" is starting at 10. (If I run out during the week, I have a bunch of things I downloaded already that I need to clear out of my MP3 player, so I will just listen to that).

At the end of each round, one show will be moved from the "considering" pool to the "keeping weekly" pool, and one show will move from the "considering" to the "not now" pool. Those that remain in the "considering" pool will stay for another week in that same pool. I will replace the two I removed from the considering pool with new podcasts from my "need to try" list.

Okay, to recap...

  • Pods start out on a list in my Bullet Journal of pods I want to try or am currently listening to.
  • Pods will move from that list to my "considering" list
  • Pods will stay on the considering list until one of two things happen:
    • Either they get added to the "keeping" list that I will update weekly.
    • Or they will get rejected, for now, to the "not now" list.

Meanwhile, I will keep you updated on my progress here. Why? So you can get some podcast recommendations, of course! Also, please leave comments with your own recommendations if you have any!!!

My first 10 in the "Considering Pool"

  1. The Harry Strange Radio Drama
  2. No Sleep
  3. The Lift
  4. Criminal
  5. Tanis
  6. Pod Save America
  7. Wooden Overcoats
  8. Subject: Found*
  9. In the Dark*
  10. Tunnels*

* These three podcasts are entirely new to me. The others I have listened to several episodes of (at least).

I will take the time to detail out these podcasts in the future- giving you my reactions, recommendations, and a general description of what they are about. Discussing them now would take far too long!

I started this yesterday, so I already have some comments. I will post those tomorrow!