P.P.T Week One: Results!

Last week, I discussed my new plan for figuring out which podcasts I'm going to listen to weekly. I listen to a decent amount of podcasts, as I have a job that lends itself well to listening at work.

You can read about my plan here: http://www.crazycatnerd.com/everythingelse/2018/8/1/personal-podcast-tournament-week-1

My first 10 in the "Considering Pool" (aka what I listened to last week)

  1. The Harry Strange Radio Drama
  2. No Sleep
  3. The Lift
  4. Criminal
  5. Tanis
  6. Pod Save America
  7. Wooden Overcoats
  8. Subject: Found*
  9. In the Dark*
  10. Tunnels*

The Results:

I highlighted "The Harry Strange" podcast in a blog post last week: http://www.crazycatnerd.com/everythingelse/2018/8/3/ppt-week-one-the-harry-strange-radio-drama

The podcast that is getting the bump onto the... "Not now, maybe later" list is....

Pod Save America

Why? This week was surprisingly challenging. I expected to have to make difficult decisions, but not so soon! If I didn't throw out "Pod Save America", it would have been one of the smaller, just getting started, fiction pods. I wasn't ready to toss Tunnels or Subject: Found out the window just yet. I want a few more weeks to decide. Pod Save America isn't completely gone, it may come back if I have room later. However, I have a clear listening preference for fiction, it seems.

The podcast going on the "KEEPING! UPDATING WEEKLY!" list is....

The Lift

Sadly, "The Lift" doesn't post every week, but I will be checking for new episodes often. In addition, I will be highlighting this pod later in the week!

I had PLENTY of extra time this week to work through my backlog on my MP3 player. Therefore, it is clear that 10 podcasts is too few. This week, we'll have 12 pods in our "considering pool".


  1.  The Lift

Considering... List

  1. The Harry Strange Radio Drama
  2. No Sleep
  3. Criminal
  4. Tanis
  5. Wooden Overcoats
  6. Subject: Found
  7. In the Dark
  8. Tunnels
  9. Alice Isn't Dead
  10. The Truth
  11. We're Alive
  12. Lore

Not Now. List

  1. Pod Save America

Do you listen to podcasts?