Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 8

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

I've been on the Clowder Farm for one full week now! Check out how my plants are doing. I have more parsnips to harvest, and I'm growing many other things now. 

The weird guy from the mines sent me mail. So...the five levels I adventured in the mines- that he was too scared himself to do- aren't enough to get me in the "guild". I have to kill 10 more slimes.

I'm curious about these little teddy bear statues that are all over the town. They don't have any writing to indicate what they are. Did I accidentally stumble into a cult?

Thanks to the mines and Clint's blueprints, I have an operational furnace that is smelting some copper as I write this! 

Score: On Day 8, my score was 1.59% (3 quests, 1 heart with Linus, 1 heart with Lewis, and more items shipped)