Which game would you like to see as a SSLP?

Which game should I do next as a Screenshot Let's Play? 

I'm considering the following, which would you prefer to see?

1. Autonaughts- A game in pre-pre-pre alpha. You can learn more about it here, but here's a summary for you: 

"In this basic world you will find earth, sand, sea, fresh water, clay, rock, trees and cereal - and the resident folk, who are content to sit around in the buff, doing nothing.

And speaking of nothing, that's exactly what you start with. But from these humble beginnings you can build and automate an entire civilisation. Well, you can when the game's further along; for now you can only start a forestry and cereal farming, and provide shelter and food for the folk.

You can also make and teach robots how to do anything you can do, which is aces."

2. Kynseed- Kynseed is only in its prototype stage and we are unable to save a long term game. This game is very similar to Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, but it promises more...realism? detail? I'm not sure. Let's find out together.

3. Cities: Skylines- Let's build a city together...we'll keep tabs on our favorite residents, I'll take suggestions on buildings, street names, etc...

4. Stardew Valley- Let's farm together! Help me decide what skills to try for, what to focus on in life, who to get to know better and what crops to grow.

5. Planet Coaster- Let's build an amusement park!

6. Project Highrise- How about a highrise tower instead?!

7. Renowned Explorers: International Society- Follow a team of adventurers as they try to win the top spot in the Explorer's society. Help me choose where they go, what skills they use, and how they handle encounters.

8. Prison Architect- Let's build us a prison!

9. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles- Join me as we run around collecting cats and completing quests.