Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 1

My top three favorite games are the Civilization series, the Sim series, and Stardew Valley! It's relaxing, adorable, and like Harvest Moon, but for the PC! Actually, I find it way more fun than Harvest Moon. I simply adore this game. I've played it several times, but I've never managed to complete everything. It has quite a bit of replay-ability.

I've made  a spreadsheet (of course!) to help me check off all the things I could possibly do in the game, and I've been keeping a daily score. This blog series will be a walk through of that game save. The game is played in "days" that last about 15 to 30 minutes of real time, depending on how often you pause to view your inventory. Each of these blog posts will be a day, since it is a convenient chunk of time to play for. Some days may have a lot of screenshots, but others will have very few. Comments, questions, requests, etc...are all highly encouraged in the comments section!

I didn't go through the introduction on this save, because I've seen it quite a few times. However, here is a YouTube video of the introduction posted by someone else. I highly recommend watching it for background. The only different would be the little guy the Lewis and Robyn chat with at the end, would have been replaced with my character, Opi.

Day 1: Opi Moves In

It's my first day on the farm. In my journal, I've set a goal to meet 28 new people around town. It's an ambitious goal that I think will take me several days, but well worth it as a new resident of a small town. It may take a long time to become considered a true member of this community. I suspect I may encounter a few unfriendly face for awhile. 

If I want to be a farm, I need to start farming! My new home came with a house warming welcome gift of parsnips seeds. So, it's time to start planting and figuring out this farming business.

My new home is quite lovely, if small and a bit old. The decor brings the outside into my home.

Before I can plant anything, I need to clear some space. My first day of work was mainly clearing land and planting a small plot to start with.

I ended the day with a visit to the local tavern to meet some new people. Some people such as Gus, the bartender, were very friendly. It was clear, however, that a few of the patrons did not want to be disturbed.

Score: The score is out of 100% which is composed of a list of everything I could find to do in the game. Of course, if I find new things or the game is updated, my goal posts may move back further. In the mean time, I started the game with a 0.59% (based on the 21 Steam achievements I had already acquired before this save). By the end of Day 1, my score was 0.73% accumulated from items I foraged and sold.