Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 21 (Saturday)

Saturday was another day off. Edith planned on doing whatever she felt like- she had been very productive lately. She then, of course, planned to hit up Singles night at the bar.

Sorry for the fuzzy camera. :(

Edith did some writing in the morning, but also filled out an application for a penpal.

Then, her and Paolo made plans to meet at the park and hang out.

The mainly just hung out and chatted, learning more about each other. Paolo loves sports, hanging out with his friends, being active, and music. He's a professional athlete.

Their friendship is growing quickly. Their personalities are a bit different, but the result is they enjoy similar activities...spending time with friends, being active, and creative pursuits. I'm guessing this is the secret as to why her relationship with Paolo has already surpassed Gunther depsite their limited time together so far.

Saturday's Summary

Edith and I are trying similar new setups, those hers is more day-focused, and mine is more task-focused. We'll see how this works next week.