Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 4

Part 1 can be found here.

The roommates head back to Willow Creek to resume their work lives. Liberty was going back to being a Module Cleaner at SpaceY, Travis was doing Quality Assurance at Rainy Day Entertainment, and Summer was the Head Dishwasher at Make A Dish.

06-10-18_5-52-25 PM.png

While camping, Liberty decided she wanted to become more self-sufficient. When she returned, she was inspired to read some books on DIY projects and how to fix things around the home.

06-10-18_5-54-16 PM.png

This random guy showed up at the house looking for Travis. He said that he met Travis during their trip to Granite Falls. Liberty had no memory of this and was engaged in an awkward conversation with the guy when Travis started yelling from the bathroom.

06-10-18_5-56-25 PM.png

How convenient! Saved by...the toilet? Indeed. Liberty was able to trade the uncomfortable conversation with the random guy for a leaky toilet- that she coincidentally just read about how to fix!

Travis was very confused about Liberty's reaction to the leaky toilet. He was annoyed by the toilet and concerned about it being fixed. Liberty, however, seemed excited?

06-10-18_5-58-09 PM.png

Still Travis happily traded with her. And enjoyed a wonderful conversation with is new friend that he met camping. Liberty had met him camping as well. Thankfully, she didn't recognize her arch nemesis without his bear costume on.

That will conclude Round 1 of the Summer, Liberty and Travis household! Up next, you will meet Candy & Yuki for their Round 1. After that, you'll get a post with "Round 1 Notes", which will hopefully clear up any questions you might have. 

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