Disney Countdown: Week 12

AHH! What happened to all the other weeks? They've been consume by WedCon planning, work, health issues and Mike Wazowski (see the cat blog). 

Disney can now become a focus once more, hopefully. I need to re-evaluate the content in my timeline and get rid of the non-essential planning that was put in primarily for fun. I'm also going to need to chop about a third of the movie list off, as we haven't been doing a good job of that lately. 

Things I have done: changed around some of our reservations, got the okay from my supervisor to take the time off, and sorted out who will cover my work while I'm gone. We still haven't nailed down who will take care of the the fur children, though.

There are some refurbs I will need to remove from the plans (such as the train) and some new things I need to add (like the Muppets history show).