Stitch's Great Escape Becoming Seasonal

While I'm still Disney planning when I get a chance, I haven't been able to do official countdown posts as we had some family visiting this past weekend (and before that we were busy getting our guest room ready). However, I plan to do one this weekend!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some quick WDW news with you. As of October 1st, Disney will be switching the attraction Stitch's Great Escape (Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom) to a seasonal-only attraction (meaning they are going to open it up when crowds are expected to be large, like during Christmas).

This is likely a temporary move, as it falls in line with the recent rumor that Stitch's Great Escape is going to be replaced in the near future with a Wreck-It-Ralph attraction.

Despite Stitch being one of my least favorite rides, this makes me sad for a few reasons:

  1. When I heard the rumor about it being replaced sometime in the future, I was looking forward to riding it one last time in January.
  2. We specifically watched Lilo & Stitch not that long ago in preparation to be riding it again in January. I had hoped refreshing the movie in my mind would make the attraction more enjoyable.
  3. The replacement ride is rumored to be a racing attraction that involves an actual competition between players and perhaps some virtual reality or motion simulation. I'm nervous the new idea will appeal to me even less. Though, in fairness, I have yet to see Wreck-it-Ralph.

What do you think?