Zipadeedoodah: 112 Days to Go!


Wow! Only 11 day until Dalmatian Day! Dalmatian Day is considered a countdown milestone in the Disney planning community. Instead of marking 100 days, we mark 101 in honor of the movie 101 Dalmatians, of course!

I'm feeling rather excited for Disney this morning....I think it's because it's the beginning of October, the double digit countdown is in sight, and it's less than 4 months to my trip. October, November and December are my favorite the wait is even more tolerable now.

Where I'm at in the Planning


  • Agent chosen
  • Dates chosen
  • Budget estimated
  • Hotel chosen
  • Reservations booked
  • ADR's made

We are going during our normal time in January- nice weather, low crowds, value season, no holidays....just the way I like it!

We are staying at Pop Century! We've never stayed here before and I'm super excited. Pop is undergoing renovations, and the buildings I'm thinking of I believe were some of the first to be renovated. :)

Last year, we stayed at All Star Sports. I liked it, and would happily stay there again. My husband, however, wanted to try something the next step up (small step....still a value, but a better quality value). Hence, Pop! Lots of people LOVE Pop and consider it their "home" resort.

Our ADRs:

  • Chip n' Dale Harvest Feast Breakfast at Garden Grille (we loved this last time!)
  • Coral Reef Restaurant (it's a tradition....FISH TANK)
  • Rain Forest Cafe at Animal Kingdom (okay, this is just so we can check it off our list and then never go again); I love RFC when I'm NOT in Disney
  • Be Our Guest (DINNER this time...fancy!)
  • Mama Melrose
  • Rose & Crown
  • Tiffin's
  • The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

3 of these 8 are repeats. 3 are brand new to us. 1 is a chain we've been too before in other locations. 1 is a place we've gone to but for a different kind of meal. We like to do a mix of new and repeats.

Breakfast at Garden Grille! Dessert = early access to The Land Pavilion. No wait for Soarin'!

Breakfast at Garden Grille! Dessert = early access to The Land Pavilion. No wait for Soarin'!

What's Next:

  • Book a Star Wars Dessert Party (sadly, the times aren't released yet)
  • Make a list of our "Must Dos" for this trip
  • Make a list of possible quick service places we are interested in trying
  • Review some of the preexisting touring plans to see if I want to create my own or modify
  • Review autograph book and make an autograph wishlist for this trip