Tales from RimWorld (Introduction)

What is RimWorld?

RimWorld is a PC game on Steam that uses an interesting mechanic- an artificial storyteller- that determines what events and drama to throw at you based on settings and what has happened previously. It leads to weird and interesting stories...dramatic, ridiculous ones that usually end in death. 

Warning: Not Appropriate for All Audiences

RimWorld is a game for mature audiences...you can think of it sort of like the "Cards Against Humanity" of the video game world. The stories generated with RimWorld may involve cannibalism, sex, adult themes, graphic violence, and will all like result in the deaths of many characters. I don't recommend these posts for all my readers; and I certainly do not recommend this game to everyone.

The game is complex, deep and fascinating. So despite its dark themes, I'm all in.

Also, I'm going to blog the stories it makes, as they are happening.