Tales from a RimWorld (Part 1)

I suggest reading this post first, if you haven't already: Tales from RimWorld (Intro)

12th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

For someone whose life has been so centered on communication, I find it necessary to express my feelings on this situation in a journal. My companions grow tired of discussing the details of our situation, so I'm in need of additional outlets. Besides, in the event we do not survive, this journal can act as a chronicle of our little colony.

Our situation does seem dire, but I'm hopeful about our future. I'm very thankful that we managed to get to the escape pods before the ship crashed, many were not so lucky. I'm thankful for surviving the crash of the escape pod on this planet. I'm thankful we landed in an area that isn't a snowy mountain, arid desert, or an ocean. I'm thankful my daughter also survived the crash and I'm thankful for our new friend, Dusty.

I used to be upset that my daughter ended up as a child spy. I wanted her to have the life I didn't. I was given a second chance when I was put into cryosleep. My second life was in a world so much more advanced. My social skills were put to excellent use in a new, productive career as an Empath. I was given the chance to give my daughter the education I never received. So, of course, I signed her up for the government's academy. She was supposed to be given a job in the government. I didn't know she would be taught to shoot & kill, to lie, to cheat and steal secrets. Everyone trusts a child, so our government used them as spies. I never dreamed of the day I would be grateful for her training. She is now our defender, and she is able to hunt local wildlife, so that we can eat. Her adult career as a gardener will also prove to be immensely useful. I have no stomach for violence of any kind. Without Willa, I wouldn't be able to eat or defend myself.


Rada Johns, Empath