Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 9

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

Hmm....I have no photos of this day besides this one. And, I'm a few days late writing this journal entry, so I don't recall much. I think I spent the whole day pretty much in the mines slaying monsters. I completed the initiation quest and was "accepted" into the Adventurer's Guild. They have a board in there that shows the current monster eradication goals. They asked me to participate.

Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 5

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

I received this notice in the mail this morning. I thought I moved out here to escape Jojamart BS. I'll have to checkout the area later.

The parsnips were finally ready to be harvested! How exciting! The crop looked good. I kept some for myself, and shipped some.

Here's the farm after the harvest. Time to buy more seeds!

I think I'm supposed to have scarecrows out? At least according to the books I've read. I should probably attempt to make one.


I think I should also get some chickens. I've always wanted chickens. Might as well experiment with all aspects of farming, right?

I ran into Mayor Lewis today and he gave me a tour of the dilapidated community center. The town doesn't have enough money to restore it. While we were in there, I'm pretty sure I saw something large and moving...a big rat maybe? I don't know. It was dark. It was a bit creepy. Lewis hinted that I investigate this. Hmm....

 This is when you know you live in a very small town. Can I even call it a town. It's a village...or maybe a hamlet? Everyone's birthdays are on the community calendar.

I picked a Daffodil on my way into town this morning. I decided to give it to the doctor, Harvey, after he lamented about being stuck inside on such a beautiful day. He seemed pleased.

I'm interested in building a silo on my property, so I can save all the grass currently growing on my property as feed for future animals. I went to Robin's to ask her about prices. While there, I met her husband. I had foraged some extra things on my way up there and gave him a plant, since I heard he was a bit of a botanist.

I was still in a gifting mood, and I found a delicious looking leek, so I gave it to Linus, the home-free druid. He is very kind, but a bit on the timid side.

The clearing of the JojaMart Inc. landslide gave me access to the old mine. I decided to take a peek inside.

Inside the mine was this strange man named Marlon.Despite calling himself an adventurer, he was too afraid to explore the mines. He gave me a rusty sword and suggested I check them out first. He told me I could join his adventuring "guild", if I explore five levels of the mines. I was skeptical, but curious.

I explored a couple levels...it was creepy. I had never battled anything before, but I found it a bit exhilarating! There are these stones that turn into crabs, and these blob slime things. I thought the slimes were really cute, but then they tried to attack me. So, I fought back. There's lots of good stone down there, and bits of copper, and other potentially useful things. I'll probably be back.

Score: No Score recorded! Whoops!