Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 7

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

This morning I received mail from someone calling himself a "wizard". Once again, suspicious, but I'll probably check it out anyway. One more thing on my to-do list.

I spoke to Linus and somebody was throwing rocks at his tent last night! How awful! Who would do such a thing? Horrible people. I'm going to do my best to befriend Linus. It seems like he needs some support.

I managed to explore five levels of the mines, but they keep going! Rumor has it there are at least 40 levels...and many more interesting things. Yet another thing for my to-do list.

It was Lewis' birthday today. I gave him a daffodil and he politely accepted, but I don't think it was something he really enjoyed.

Score: 1.42% (new mineral, and crafted some fertilizer)

Stardew Valley: Day 6

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

When I got up this morning, Clint was waiting at my door. I know folks in small towns can be casual and quirky, but this was creepy. However, he did give me instructions on how to build a furnace, so I can do something with that copper I've found. Useful.

Between my goals for my farm, my new adventures with mining and my looking into the community centers giant rat problem. My to-do list has become quite extensive. I hope to check some of these off today.

I visited the museum/library. The caretaker was devastated over a recent robbery of all their items. Apparently, this place has higher crime than I expected. He asked me to bring anything I find that looks historical. 

I handed him the dried sea star I found on the beach, and apparently it was in good enough shape to be displayed at the museum. Huh. 

I couldn't find any rats...though I swear I saw something. I also found this shiny box.

It had writing on it that I didn't understand. I didn't find anything else of interest. I'll need to look into this more later.

Score: 1.39% (2 minerals, 1 mining skill, 1 quest)

Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 5

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

I received this notice in the mail this morning. I thought I moved out here to escape Jojamart BS. I'll have to checkout the area later.

The parsnips were finally ready to be harvested! How exciting! The crop looked good. I kept some for myself, and shipped some.

Here's the farm after the harvest. Time to buy more seeds!

I think I'm supposed to have scarecrows out? At least according to the books I've read. I should probably attempt to make one.


I think I should also get some chickens. I've always wanted chickens. Might as well experiment with all aspects of farming, right?

I ran into Mayor Lewis today and he gave me a tour of the dilapidated community center. The town doesn't have enough money to restore it. While we were in there, I'm pretty sure I saw something large and moving...a big rat maybe? I don't know. It was dark. It was a bit creepy. Lewis hinted that I investigate this. Hmm....

 This is when you know you live in a very small town. Can I even call it a town. It's a village...or maybe a hamlet? Everyone's birthdays are on the community calendar.

I picked a Daffodil on my way into town this morning. I decided to give it to the doctor, Harvey, after he lamented about being stuck inside on such a beautiful day. He seemed pleased.

I'm interested in building a silo on my property, so I can save all the grass currently growing on my property as feed for future animals. I went to Robin's to ask her about prices. While there, I met her husband. I had foraged some extra things on my way up there and gave him a plant, since I heard he was a bit of a botanist.

I was still in a gifting mood, and I found a delicious looking leek, so I gave it to Linus, the home-free druid. He is very kind, but a bit on the timid side.

The clearing of the JojaMart Inc. landslide gave me access to the old mine. I decided to take a peek inside.

Inside the mine was this strange man named Marlon.Despite calling himself an adventurer, he was too afraid to explore the mines. He gave me a rusty sword and suggested I check them out first. He told me I could join his adventuring "guild", if I explore five levels of the mines. I was skeptical, but curious.

I explored a couple levels...it was creepy. I had never battled anything before, but I found it a bit exhilarating! There are these stones that turn into crabs, and these blob slime things. I thought the slimes were really cute, but then they tried to attack me. So, I fought back. There's lots of good stone down there, and bits of copper, and other potentially useful things. I'll probably be back.

Score: No Score recorded! Whoops!

Opi in Stardew Valley: Day 2

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

Good morning! Day 2 has begun. And I have some mail. How exciting!

It was a letter from the fisherman in town inviting to me to come down to the beach sometime today. I was a little hesitant as it seemed a bit fishy (ba-dum-tsh). I added it to my journal anyway.

I built a chest out of wood I harvested on the property. It took a surprisingly less effort and time than I had anticipated. I now have a place to store things I gather.

Willy was very kind. He gave me a fishing pole in hopes that I will convert some of my productive energy into fishing, not just farming. I actually like the sound of this and plan on giving it a go. There are a lot of fishing spots in the area, so it'd be a good hobby to have.

I saw some worms acting mysterious on the beach, so I dug up whatever they were fussing over. I expected to find the rotting carcass of an animal, but instead I found a book. Weird. Apparently it belongs to the library.

I stopped by the general store (where I met a few new people) and purchased some more parsnips seeds. Might as well continue growing what seems to be working so far.

I met someone else on my way back to the farm. Her name was Haley. I wasn't a fan, to be polite. She seemed to look down on my new chosen profession. 

Here's a look at the contents of my chest, and my inventory, near the end of Day 2. Some of the items I have foraged, I saved. Others have been sold. 


Here's the current state of my plot after planting the second crop.

I really need to get some lamps for this place. In the evenings, it is pretty dark. Thankfully, I have a fire. The night have been cool since we are in the beginning of spring.

Day 2 Score: I added a new category (lost books), but I completed a quest (Getting the fishing pole from Willy), crafted a new item (the chest), caught a fish, and shipped some more items. I'm now at 0.92%....almost to 1 whole percent!