Stardew Valley: Day 6

If you haven't read Day 1 yet, I suggest starting here: Day 1

When I got up this morning, Clint was waiting at my door. I know folks in small towns can be casual and quirky, but this was creepy. However, he did give me instructions on how to build a furnace, so I can do something with that copper I've found. Useful.

Between my goals for my farm, my new adventures with mining and my looking into the community centers giant rat problem. My to-do list has become quite extensive. I hope to check some of these off today.

I visited the museum/library. The caretaker was devastated over a recent robbery of all their items. Apparently, this place has higher crime than I expected. He asked me to bring anything I find that looks historical. 

I handed him the dried sea star I found on the beach, and apparently it was in good enough shape to be displayed at the museum. Huh. 

I couldn't find any rats...though I swear I saw something. I also found this shiny box.

It had writing on it that I didn't understand. I didn't find anything else of interest. I'll need to look into this more later.

Score: 1.39% (2 minerals, 1 mining skill, 1 quest)