Who Should I Play?

I'm getting a new desktop. With a new desktop, comes a new Sims story. Who should I play?

Jolene is creative and ambitious. Her ultimate goal is to own a mansion.  She loves the outdoors. Her career path will probably be as an art critic.

Jovan dreams of being a master chef. He is creative and family-oriented, but he is also a kleptomaniac.

Antonia wants to be a vampire, but a good vampire. She's a loner, active, and good-hearted.

Dustin loves collecting anything and everything. Dustin prefers the Ze/zir pronouns. Ze is a loner, a vegetarian and loves music.

Bradford wishes to become a Master Vampire. He's a total dance machine and love art. Despite wanting to be a vampire, he's also very squeamish.

Who should I play? Leave a comment!