Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 3

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06-19-18_9-25-20 PM.png

Liberty's collection of...nature...makes for interesting viewing while chatting on the phone with one's best friend.

06-19-18_9-27-11 PM.png

Speaking of the bestie...Summer & Candy decided to continue their conversation at the park while looking for cute guys, as both of them are currently single.

06-19-18_9-28-43 PM.png

The park has a bar, so Summer poured them some drinks.

06-19-18_9-29-48 PM.png

They chatted for a bit about music, dance, the club, how Yuki was doing...the usual stuff. [Cameo of Hugo in the background!]

06-19-18_9-31-06 PM.png

Candy didn't feel like Franks n' Beans so she volunteered to cook dinner. Candy doesn't really know how to cook anything more than a grilled cheese sandwich....but she managed some hot dogs.

06-19-18_9-33-03 PM.png

After awhile, a guy named Justin stopped by their table. He wasn't Candy's type, but that's okay because Summer was digging the professional look.

06-19-18_9-34-10 PM.png

Summer and Justin hit it off really well. She was flirting, he was flirting back and things were good. So, feeling a bit more confident, she decided to take a more direct approach in their conversation and it did not go well. She headed home from the park feeling quite rejected and embarassed.

06-20-18_8-54-32 PM.png

Liberty has been showing quite the talent for being handy. Travis' stereo broke and he couldn't listen to his talk radio while working on the computer. Fortunately, Liberty was able to fix it quickly.

06-20-18_9-03-27 PM.png

Summer met this friendly stranger at the park one day. He offered to play chess with her, but they mostly just chatted. He was a bit odd, but nice.

06-20-18_9-05-53 PM.png


Apparently, Travis needs to be social even when doing things that should be kept more private. I wonder if the person on the other end knew?

Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 3

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We left off with Liberty telling off a creepy dude in a bear costume that was wandering around the park.

06-10-18_3-34-02 PM.png

The bear is just like "Alright, alright. Lady, I'm leaving. It just takes a minute to get up from the seat in this costume."

06-10-18_3-35-22 PM.png

As it turns out, camping was a wonderfully bonding experience for our house of roommates. They spent a lot of time around the campfire chatting about all sorts of things.

06-10-18_3-37-32 PM.png

Travis told everyone a fantastical story while Liberty toaster marshmallows.

06-10-18_3-43-19 PM.png

Summer and Liberty had some time along after Travis turned in for the night. Liberty was starting to feel a bit playful and flirtatious, and it looked like some cautious and friendly flirting might be on the horizon....

06-10-18_3-43-58 PM.png

But they were interrupted by another camper...he recognized Summer from the club she went to a few nights ago. He is the bartender there. Being perpetually cheerful, Summer engaged him and conversation and Liberty decided to turn in for the evening.

06-10-18_4-36-27 PM.png

The following day, Summer and Travis stayed around the campsite while Liberty went for a long hike in the forest. Liberty is very interested in the natural world and she was going out hunting for new insect and plant specimens to add to her collections. Liberty asked if they wanted to come along and help, but Summer and Travis wanted nothing to do with it.

06-10-18_4-37-34 PM.png

During her travels, Liberty met a woman named Julie Adams who was fishing in lake along Liberty's path.

06-10-18_4-47-22 PM.png

Another campfire, and more conversations. Travis and Liberty discussed a new geeky show they were both into, while Summer listened in.

06-10-18_4-52-34 PM.png

On their final day of camping, Travis never wanted to see franks and beans again, so he made veggie burgers.  Summer's burger appears to be untouched. Leftover franks and beans?

06-10-18_5-42-43 PM.png

During one of their last hangout sessions before they left, Summer sat very close to Liberty and did the classic "stretch and place your arm around someone" move. It wasn't very subtle, but Liberty was uncertain. After all, Summer was a kind, cheerful and affectionate friend. It was probably nothing...right?

Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 2

You can find Part 1 here.

Travis and Liberty destressed on the couch before heading off to work. Travis played games on his tablet, while Liberty read a book, of course.

06-09-18_4-54-56 PM.png

Summer had a couple nights during the week free, so she went out dancing. She met some friendly and interesting people.

06-09-18_7-58-19 PM.png

Summer watched and listened to a great DJ, watched some folks dance, and chatted with some members of the Spinmasters club. Summer isn't into partying that much, but she likes dancing and hanging out with interesting people.

06-09-18_7-59-34 PM.png

Summer has been continuing to go to the gym in her spare time- as much for the socialization aspect as the fitness. She's met Dina and Nina (pictured) Caliente, Don Lothario (pictured in the back), Brent and Brant Hecking, and Rachael (last name?, also pictured), the gym trainer.

06-10-18_2-26-39 PM.png

During this round of play, we had some great news- both Travis and Liberty got promotions!

06-10-18_2-28-55 PM.png
06-10-18_2-30-43 PM.png

You would think they'd look more thrilled about it. Travis seems exhausted in his new...uniform?

06-10-18_2-33-59 PM.png

Summer brings out Libery's more playful side. Liberty enjoys making Summer laugh with silly jokes and funny faces.

Also, it seems as though Liberty has developed a bit of a crush on Summer. Not that she intends to share that information with anyone anytime soon.

06-10-18_3-20-35 PM.png

The group decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate their promotions! They each took a couple days of vacation time, stocked up on some equipment, and headed out to Granite Falls.

06-10-18_3-32-07 PM.png

As it turns out, the only thing Summer wants to cook while camping is Franks and Beans. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- if Summer is cooking, that's what you get.

06-10-18_3-33-11 PM.png

Liberty got so upset when someone in a bear costume sat down to chat with them. She wasn't having it.

06-10-18_3-33-58 PM.png

She mocked the bear.

06-10-18_3-34-01 PM.png

And then yelled at the bear. Seriously. She was not having this bear thing. She thinks it is weird and creepy. It was strange to see such an outburst from the normally quiet Liberty, but we all have those things that get under our skin.

And that concludes Part 2 of Summer, Liberty and Travis's Round 1. More posts are expected this week!

Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 1

Liberty (left), Summer (middle) and Travis (right) have just become roommates in quite a nice home in Willow Creek.

06-08-18_8-45-11 PM.png

After they had moved in, and unpacked, they began to go about their new lives in Willow Creek. You could learn a lot about them from what they did next.

06-08-18_8-33-50 PM.png

Travis spent his day in his room on his computer. He was brushing up his programming skills before starting his new job in the tech industry the following day. He also chatted with people online in forums and such. He did all of this while listening to talk radio.

06-08-18_8-34-07 PM.png

Liberty chose to spend her day off, before starting her job as an intern at the local space center in the quiet, stillness of her room, reading.

06-08-18_8-35-38 PM.png

Summer spent her day off outside...chatting with all the locals she could find. And not giving a second thought to her job tomorrow as a dishwasher (and why would she?)

06-08-18_8-39-23 PM.png

Summer also went to the gym later in the day to run, and to meet more people of course.

06-08-18_8-48-03 PM.png

Despite Liberty's shyness, Summer was determined to make fast friends with her new roommates. Liberty didn't seem to mind. Introverts need friends too!

06-08-18_8-52-17 PM.png

Summer had a much better luck with Travis. While he likes his computer, Travis is about as outgoing as Summer. 

06-08-18_8-54-43 PM.png

Travis and Liberty started work the following morning. Travis doesn't seem to be a morning person...

06-08-18_8-58-33 PM.png

Summer works the evening shift, so she spent her afternoon doing a workout in the living room. Their living is very spacious, perfect for a power workout!

06-09-18_4-50-14 PM.png

Travis and Liberty have begun bonding over breakfast every morning. On the particular morning shown above, they were both eating leftovers that Summer had made. Summer has become the default cook of the house. Travis had left over garden salad, and Liberty had leftover brownies. Hmm...we need to get Summer to make more breakfast-type foods to leave in the fridge for them!

And that wraps up part #1 of Round 1 in the home of Liberty, Summer and Travis. I'm already working on two more posts about them which will be going up sometime this week. I will also include a post that tells you what "Round 1" means, hehe!

Thanks for reading. As always, comments are so loved and appreciated.

Meet Emmett Trout

This is the story of Emmett Trout. Emmett moved to Brindleton Bay from a place, and people, he'd rather not remember.

05-25-18_6-31-54 AM.png

Despite his mature appearance, Emmett is quite young, only just out of school. He doesn't expect he'll have much in his future. He is perfectly content with his new one bedroom home, near the beach and just enough money to get by. He knows he doesn't have the brains or the charm to make it further.


Emmett spent every penny he had on his small home and it's meager furnishings, but he is quite happy with the results. He's not really the type for decoration, or even keeping things tidy for that matter. He just wants a comfortable space to call home.


Emmett is a bit lost in life. He desires companionship, but doesn't know where to find it. He wants to belong, but doesn't know how to make friends. He's not sure what he wants to do for a living, as nothing much interests him. He likes books, dogs, the beach and his couch.

More Emmett updates are on their way.

Letter #3 (Dear Therapist)

I forgot to include the suggestion boxes last time. I assure you that was entirely accidental, and I really do want your suggestions! I went away for the weekend just after posting (only about 15 minutes later, in fact) and I wasn't able to correct the problem before a bunch of people submitted.

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Dear Therapist,

I'm not really in the mood to talk with you, right now. In fact, I'm not really interested in talking to anyone. I'm just in one of those moods, where I'd rather curl up on the couch with a book instead of doing anything productive.

(yesterday) Happy Friday!

(yesterday) Happy Friday!

My week was pretty stressful and tiring. I have to admit, though, I really enjoyed most of today (Saturday). I was finally able to go to the library as you suggested. A few times I became tense from all the people there. But, I did have fun browsing the books and reading in such a lovely space. I read most of Gentleman Corgi: A Memoir. I will try to make a trip to the library part of my weekly routine.

Evidence of library visit.

Evidence of library visit.

What is going well in my life? Huh...let's see...well, my job I guess. I've already gotten a few promotions, so I guess my bosses are pretty happy with me. This week I got a "thank you" from someone in the office as an urgent package came for them, but their name was smudged. I hunted them down, so the package was still delivered on time. Outside the office, I try to fill out some reports every evening. They don't pay me extra to do this, but it needs to be done.


Here's my journal from the end of the week. Thursday was a bit rough. I had utility box problems, and I couldn't sleep because of a rat making noises. So, I called the Landlord. When i finally went to bed, my neighbor started being noisy.

I was exhausted on Friday, so I wasn't very productive in the evening. I feel asleep on the couch, and on the kitchen floor! I didn't get to file reports or finish the laundry. :(

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Maggie Moyer #23

Marcus, Maggie's friend, invited Maggie to the gym to work out. While she was there, Maggie introduced herself to several people she hadn't met yet. She met a lovely couple, Brant and Brent, who work out together. Maggie got along well with them both. She hopes it's the start of a new friendship!

Maggie talking to Brent and Brant.

Maggie talking to Brent and Brant.

Maggie Moyer #20

Maggie came home energized from her brisk jog around the neighborhood. She returned in a great mood ready to tackle some work on her home comput...


Maggie was completely stunned.

(Maggie doesn't have any pets yet this was her kitchen when she arrived home).



Gordon & Salvador #13

Gordon isn't quite as articulate or charming as Salvador. He attempted to start a conversation with a woman he met in the park, Vera, but it didn't really go all that well. Gordon is on the lookout for any potentially datable Sims. He's a bit of a romantic, and is actively seeking a relationship.

Gordon attempts to chat up Vera.

Gordon attempts to chat up Vera.

Gordon & Salvador #8

Out of all the people Salvador has met so far, he feels most connected to Sofia. Just like him, she has a cheerful personality and a positive outlook on life. She is also a talented musician, and Salvador adores music. 

Chatting with Sofia. Check out the outfit of the person behind Salv, though. Those pants! :heart_eyes: 

Chatting with Sofia. Check out the outfit of the person behind Salv, though. Those pants! :heart_eyes: