Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 25 (Wednesday)

Edith's plan for Wednesday was to....work from 8am to 4pm, have a grilled cheese for dinner, and then do whatever she felt like!

So, of course, the evening involved hanging out with friends.

She invited the club over to her house for a change.

Edith isn't bothered by the dirty dishes in her home even when company is over. She's a slob...if other people take issue with it that is their problem.

Edith actively sought out the younger members of the group this time whom she hadn't really gotten to know well yet. There are two teens in the group, Yuki and Hugo.

Edith and Yuki had some deep conversations at the kitchen table. Edith even shared with Yuki the financial realities of adulthood (and how she hasn't even saved enough to buy a shower yet). 

Edith also had a great time chatting with Hugo (during the evening she changed out of her work clothes). 

She had a great time with the club...reading, chatting, and discussing dinosaurs in detail.

Yuki painted Edith a painting during the course of the evening. Edith treasures it, and is going to have it framed.

Tomorrow, we have the day off! Our main goal is to call Anaya, as we haven't spoken to her in awhile.