The Misfortune Legacy, Part 1.4- An Unexpected Visitor

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As I mentioned last time, Eugene has begun practicing his photography skills, in the hopes that he can one day work from home selling his photos.

Here are some more shots from around his yard....

06-17-17_10-55-07 PM.png
06-17-17_10-55-10 PM.png
06-17-17_10-55-13 PM.png
06-17-17_10-55-21 PM.png
06-17-17_10-57-07 PM.png

Sadly, Euguene and Pearl have caught the attention of someone of the vampiric nature. He crept on to their yard late one evening and lured out Eugene in his sleep.

06-17-17_10-58-07 PM.png

Eugene awoke, feeling awful, a few hours later...on the ground outside his front door.

06-17-17_10-58-49 PM.png

Pearl is desperately trying to keep her figure throughout the pregnancy. 

06-18-17_4-04-16 PM.png

It's time for the baby!

06-18-17_4-04-51 PM.png

Where the magic happens. Eugene was standing by nervously and excitedly awaiting his new child.