Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 1

Liberty (left), Summer (middle) and Travis (right) have just become roommates in quite a nice home in Willow Creek.

06-08-18_8-45-11 PM.png

After they had moved in, and unpacked, they began to go about their new lives in Willow Creek. You could learn a lot about them from what they did next.

06-08-18_8-33-50 PM.png

Travis spent his day in his room on his computer. He was brushing up his programming skills before starting his new job in the tech industry the following day. He also chatted with people online in forums and such. He did all of this while listening to talk radio.

06-08-18_8-34-07 PM.png

Liberty chose to spend her day off, before starting her job as an intern at the local space center in the quiet, stillness of her room, reading.

06-08-18_8-35-38 PM.png

Summer spent her day off outside...chatting with all the locals she could find. And not giving a second thought to her job tomorrow as a dishwasher (and why would she?)

06-08-18_8-39-23 PM.png

Summer also went to the gym later in the day to run, and to meet more people of course.

06-08-18_8-48-03 PM.png

Despite Liberty's shyness, Summer was determined to make fast friends with her new roommates. Liberty didn't seem to mind. Introverts need friends too!

06-08-18_8-52-17 PM.png

Summer had a much better luck with Travis. While he likes his computer, Travis is about as outgoing as Summer. 

06-08-18_8-54-43 PM.png

Travis and Liberty started work the following morning. Travis doesn't seem to be a morning person...

06-08-18_8-58-33 PM.png

Summer works the evening shift, so she spent her afternoon doing a workout in the living room. Their living is very spacious, perfect for a power workout!

06-09-18_4-50-14 PM.png

Travis and Liberty have begun bonding over breakfast every morning. On the particular morning shown above, they were both eating leftovers that Summer had made. Summer has become the default cook of the house. Travis had left over garden salad, and Liberty had leftover brownies. Hmm...we need to get Summer to make more breakfast-type foods to leave in the fridge for them!

And that wraps up part #1 of Round 1 in the home of Liberty, Summer and Travis. I'm already working on two more posts about them which will be going up sometime this week. I will also include a post that tells you what "Round 1" means, hehe!

Thanks for reading. As always, comments are so loved and appreciated.