Round #1: Liberty, Summer and Travis, Part 2

You can find Part 1 here.

Travis and Liberty destressed on the couch before heading off to work. Travis played games on his tablet, while Liberty read a book, of course.

06-09-18_4-54-56 PM.png

Summer had a couple nights during the week free, so she went out dancing. She met some friendly and interesting people.

06-09-18_7-58-19 PM.png

Summer watched and listened to a great DJ, watched some folks dance, and chatted with some members of the Spinmasters club. Summer isn't into partying that much, but she likes dancing and hanging out with interesting people.

06-09-18_7-59-34 PM.png

Summer has been continuing to go to the gym in her spare time- as much for the socialization aspect as the fitness. She's met Dina and Nina (pictured) Caliente, Don Lothario (pictured in the back), Brent and Brant Hecking, and Rachael (last name?, also pictured), the gym trainer.

06-10-18_2-26-39 PM.png

During this round of play, we had some great news- both Travis and Liberty got promotions!

06-10-18_2-28-55 PM.png
06-10-18_2-30-43 PM.png

You would think they'd look more thrilled about it. Travis seems exhausted in his new...uniform?

06-10-18_2-33-59 PM.png

Summer brings out Libery's more playful side. Liberty enjoys making Summer laugh with silly jokes and funny faces.

Also, it seems as though Liberty has developed a bit of a crush on Summer. Not that she intends to share that information with anyone anytime soon.

06-10-18_3-20-35 PM.png

The group decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate their promotions! They each took a couple days of vacation time, stocked up on some equipment, and headed out to Granite Falls.

06-10-18_3-32-07 PM.png

As it turns out, the only thing Summer wants to cook while camping is Franks and Beans. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- if Summer is cooking, that's what you get.

06-10-18_3-33-11 PM.png

Liberty got so upset when someone in a bear costume sat down to chat with them. She wasn't having it.

06-10-18_3-33-58 PM.png

She mocked the bear.

06-10-18_3-34-01 PM.png

And then yelled at the bear. Seriously. She was not having this bear thing. She thinks it is weird and creepy. It was strange to see such an outburst from the normally quiet Liberty, but we all have those things that get under our skin.

And that concludes Part 2 of Summer, Liberty and Travis's Round 1. More posts are expected this week!