Tales from a RimWorld (Part 7)

3rd of Spring, 5500

The day started off so well...I had a good talk with Rojas, he still hasn't converted, but he will. Stephenson seemed less "on edge" after a good night sleep and some food. She said she was fine again, so we gave her the knife back (she needs to be able to defend herself). Our strawberry harvest was abundant and our new wind power generator had ensured that the harvest would last for many days thanks to the chiller in the food storage room. I wanted to begin working on some clothing for Rojas and Stephenson, so I asked Willa to collect more leather.

And that is when things went down hill...

Stephenson decided to "help" do the hunting, perhaps because she was feeling better. Unfortunately, attacking a wild boar while only wearing worn, ill-fitting pants and carrying only a small knife, proved a poor decision. Willa shot the boar, but not before Stephenson was injured.

Later that day, while I was tending to Stephenson's wounds, we were raided...this time by a woman. Willa and Dusty took her out. She didn't survive.

After we had turned in for the night, and as I settled down to write this, we heard a loud explosion. Our battery backup (Dusty made it for when it isn't windy) exploded. We spent the last hour putting out the fire.

I'm exhausted, time for bed.

Rada J.