Tales of RimWorld (Part 6)

2nd of Spring, 5500

I'm concerned about Stephenson. It seemed like she was close to hitting her breaking point today. We set her up a bed in the new crafting room so she has more space. Dusty also promised to make her a heater soon, so she wouldn't be cold at night. We made her some nice food, as well. We took away her knife just to be safe. 

Rojas has yet to be persuaded to join us. We will need to decide how long we can keep him- and continue to feed him. We need to be assured he won't attack us again. Dusty and Willa have expressed concern about his continued presence, but I remain hopeful that he will join us soon.

We had a wonderful berry harvest. I'm so proud of Willa, she has helped us a great deal. Now that we can butcher meat and properly cook meals, we have been eating quite well.

Rada Johns