Tales from a RimWorld (Part 7)

3rd of Spring, 5500

The day started off so well...I had a good talk with Rojas, he still hasn't converted, but he will. Stephenson seemed less "on edge" after a good night sleep and some food. She said she was fine again, so we gave her the knife back (she needs to be able to defend herself). Our strawberry harvest was abundant and our new wind power generator had ensured that the harvest would last for many days thanks to the chiller in the food storage room. I wanted to begin working on some clothing for Rojas and Stephenson, so I asked Willa to collect more leather.

And that is when things went down hill...

Stephenson decided to "help" do the hunting, perhaps because she was feeling better. Unfortunately, attacking a wild boar while only wearing worn, ill-fitting pants and carrying only a small knife, proved a poor decision. Willa shot the boar, but not before Stephenson was injured.

Later that day, while I was tending to Stephenson's wounds, we were raided...this time by a woman. Willa and Dusty took her out. She didn't survive.

After we had turned in for the night, and as I settled down to write this, we heard a loud explosion. Our battery backup (Dusty made it for when it isn't windy) exploded. We spent the last hour putting out the fire.

I'm exhausted, time for bed.

Rada J.

Tales of RimWorld (Part 6)

2nd of Spring, 5500

I'm concerned about Stephenson. It seemed like she was close to hitting her breaking point today. We set her up a bed in the new crafting room so she has more space. Dusty also promised to make her a heater soon, so she wouldn't be cold at night. We made her some nice food, as well. We took away her knife just to be safe. 

Rojas has yet to be persuaded to join us. We will need to decide how long we can keep him- and continue to feed him. We need to be assured he won't attack us again. Dusty and Willa have expressed concern about his continued presence, but I remain hopeful that he will join us soon.

We had a wonderful berry harvest. I'm so proud of Willa, she has helped us a great deal. Now that we can butcher meat and properly cook meals, we have been eating quite well.

Rada Johns

Tales from a RimWorld (Part 5)

1st of Spring, 5500

Things just keep getting more interesting around here.

Today, we were attacked. Our attacker was a lone, but beefy, pirate by the name of Rojas. Willa took him out, though she was injured in the process. Willa and Dusty defended us from one of the sandbag walls. We took Rojas captive. We converted Dusty's bunk into a prison.

After treating Willa for her injuries (she's doing okay), I set to work caring for our prisoner. I've provided him food, a bed, and tended his wounds. I've been trying to talk to him, and I feel like he is warming up to me. I'm hoping we can convince him to join our colony.

I did steal his pants, though. For Stephenson. She doesn't like them because they are worn, uncomfortable, and completely the wrong size, but I think she prefers them to being completely nude. Dusty has begun constructing us a shelter that we will use as a crafting and workshop area. I'm hoping I can sew some new clothes for Stephenson, and perhaps for our prisoner.

In other news, corn has now joined our list of crops. Willa says the strawberries will be ready soon. Hurray!

Rada Johns

Tales from a RimWorld (Part 4)

15th of Winter, 5500

Oh my. Guess what we found wandering around our camp today? A young (19 years?), naked girl. She was a patient in a psychiatric hospital, apparently. Poor dear has no idea how she got here or where she is from exactly. She goes by "Stephenson"...strange name for a girl, but who am I to judge? Maybe it is her last name? 

Sadly, we have no clothing to spare. However, we do have food and shelter, and we gladly offered her both. We'll set to work tomorrow on how we can get her some clothing. She is going to sleep on the floor for now, but Dusty plans to build her a room soon.

I'm worried about Stephenson. She seems highly unstable. The poor girl must have been through quite a lot. I hope we can help.

And now we rest.

Rada J.

Tales from a RimWorld (Part 3)

14th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

YIKES! Willa got to test out her defending skills today, and even poor Dusty had to fire off a few rounds with the pistol that Willa insists Dusty carries. A large rat maddened with some nasty disease showed up at camp and started aggressively attacking us. Willa and Dusty managed to shoot it down, but not before poor Dusty was injured.

Thankfully, we had some basic medical supplies from kits that were in our escape pods. I was able to stop the bleeding and stitch up Dusty. She seems okay now. Whew! 

Before she was bit, Dusty had managed to make us some new beds, a food storage area, and wood stove. I'm now able to cook us meals. We also have a butchering table, so we can have fresh meat. 

Dusty has begun work on the wind turbine as well, so she can make the food storage area refrigerated. Willa is now growing rice and potatoes in addition to the strawberries. I've been making sandbag walls around camp to help us defend ourselves (from psychotic rats!). 

It's been a long day, so I'm going to sleep (in a real bed!)

Rada Johns

Tales from a RimWorld (Part 2)

13th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

We've made it another day! Dusty (bless her!) has begun constructing sheltered living areas. We now have a place to house all the items we scavenge that we think might be useful, as well as a shelter for all three of us to sleep. It's a bit crammed, but I'm grateful to not have to sleep in the rain. Willa has begun clearing land and planting seeds she's found. She's already got a strawberry patch started. She also managed to hunt an ostrich, but we don't know what to do with the dead animal. We need to find a place to butcher it, and find a way to cook it. For now, I'm thankful we found the survival meal packs that were stored in our escape pods.

Dusty is such an industrious girl. She already has plans to use the materials from the ship (including the electronics) to construct a wind generator for power. Amazing! She doesn't appear to be an intellectual, but she definitely has a good brain in that head.

I make myself useful where I can. Right now, it is mainly hauling parts of the ship to our camp, or hauling wood that Dusty chops. I do know how to cook, and I have some very basic knowledge of medicine, so I can useful when those things are needed.

Oh, I forgot to mention my new...pet. While I was preparing my escape pod, I ran into a Warg. He looked at me with large, sad brown eyes as I was getting into the pod. He knew what was happening. So, despite it going against safety protocol, I invited him into my escape pod. We survived the crash together. Now, he refuses to leave my side. His name tag says "Marquee", so that is what I've been calling him. 

That's all for tonight. 


Rada Johns

Tales from a RimWorld (Part 1)

I suggest reading this post first, if you haven't already: Tales from RimWorld (Intro)

12th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

For someone whose life has been so centered on communication, I find it necessary to express my feelings on this situation in a journal. My companions grow tired of discussing the details of our situation, so I'm in need of additional outlets. Besides, in the event we do not survive, this journal can act as a chronicle of our little colony.

Our situation does seem dire, but I'm hopeful about our future. I'm very thankful that we managed to get to the escape pods before the ship crashed, many were not so lucky. I'm thankful for surviving the crash of the escape pod on this planet. I'm thankful we landed in an area that isn't a snowy mountain, arid desert, or an ocean. I'm thankful my daughter also survived the crash and I'm thankful for our new friend, Dusty.

I used to be upset that my daughter ended up as a child spy. I wanted her to have the life I didn't. I was given a second chance when I was put into cryosleep. My second life was in a world so much more advanced. My social skills were put to excellent use in a new, productive career as an Empath. I was given the chance to give my daughter the education I never received. So, of course, I signed her up for the government's academy. She was supposed to be given a job in the government. I didn't know she would be taught to shoot & kill, to lie, to cheat and steal secrets. Everyone trusts a child, so our government used them as spies. I never dreamed of the day I would be grateful for her training. She is now our defender, and she is able to hunt local wildlife, so that we can eat. Her adult career as a gardener will also prove to be immensely useful. I have no stomach for violence of any kind. Without Willa, I wouldn't be able to eat or defend myself.


Rada Johns, Empath