Martin Bowling: Episode 13

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Here's a quick refresher: Martin Bowling is the founder of my current legacy challenge. We were following his life and the creation of his social club- the Martineers, who eat cake, dance, play games and be nice to others. 

Martin married someone unexpected. Together, they had children. Their life, thanks to a low combined income and many mouths to feed, was challenging and didn't turn out the way they had planned. Still, they had a happy family. 

In our last post, the kids were getting older and starting to pursue their own interests- Raelyn is interested in outdoor activities and Benjamin in throwing fantastic parties. Martin had to fix a toilet and was wondering if there would ever be enough money for them to hire a plumber.

Martin's children remain average students. They do their best, but their lives are busy. The lower quality of their home means it takes more to improve all their needs.

Jade had worked very hard to get promoted to assistant manager, but it finally happened.

Oh no...looks like the Bowling family will need to purchase a new stove soon. It never ends!

Martin wasn't feeling well and came home in the middle of the day...and then the moment we knew was coming finally arrived...

Martin passed away on the sidewalk outside of his home with a housekeeper and neighbor watching.

It was too soon. He didn't achieve his life goals. Hopefully his children will have the opportunities poor Martin never had.

The Grim Reaper stayed to catch a show on TV.

The entire family was devastated. Martin was buried in the backyard so the family can visit him often. 

Everyone is very sad, but at least they have each other for support.