The Misfortune Legacy, Part 1.3- Well, at least Eugene is happy

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When we last left off, Pearl was worried that she was pregnant. She was also wondering about the city taking photos for her social media brand.

She traveled around the city, meeting new people and snapping photos. All part of a day's work!

Soon enough, Pearl got the confirmation she was, in fact, pregnant. Eugene was over the moon. She delighted at his reaction, he'd be a great dad. And she could continue on with her life.

Eugene has also taken up photography. He is hoping he can start selling some of his photos from home as a supplemental income when the baby arrives.

These are some shots of him practicing in his backyard.

The street they live on....

...and the neighbor's home...

...and their wind chimes...

Speaking of neighbors, this one stopped by.

A few nights later, you could say Pearl considered him a new friend.

The Misfortune Legacy, Part 1.2- There is some love

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Despite the impression that you may have gotten last time, Eugene and Pearl are very much in love.

06-15-17_9-15-59 PM.png

They recently went out on the town for a date, where they spent most of the time sitting under an umbrella chatting about their future and their love for one another.

It ended with a very romantic evening at home.

Here's a little nighttime tour of the outside of their home.

It may not be fancy, but it's a fun place to hang out, when the curse isn't acting up.

They have plenty of room to have a bonfire, play some games, and have a nice cookout.

With this in mind, it's time to make some friends. They had a couple of guests over....Pearl entertained them while shy Eugene made everyone lunch.

After their guests left, they played horseshoes together in their backyard.

Pearl went out on the town with her new friend while Eugene stayed home to clean the house and watch TV.

Pearl began to not feel so great that night. She began to wonder if she was pregnant. Not something she wanted to be. This really stressed her out. Is she pregnant? We'll find out next post! Pearl does NOT want any children.

On a side note....Pearl is in the social media career, here is one of the photos she posted on her social media accounts when she was visiting the city (something she does often, without Eugene).

The Misfortune Legacy, Part 1.1- Meet Eugene & Pearl

The Curse of the Misfortunes started many generations ago. The land was once fertile and prosperous back when Ally Anne Misfortune married Albert. Together they had twin boys, Bob and Billy Barn. Bob and Billy never got along and fought fiercely. When Albert died, they were supposed to work the farm together. However, Billy tricked Bob in to signing over his half of the property and later got him arrested for trespassing when he tried to return. Bob died a couple years later, stressed, unmarried and homeless. Since then, every generation (Carlotta, Dotty, Dallas, and now Eugene) has been incredibly unlucky with a life full of challenging circumstances. Eugene tried to escape, but when his parents passed away, he found himself moving back into the home, with his new wife, Pearl.

The house was said to be cursed....even people who visited there somehow managed to come out feeling mean and dirty. Objects broke all the was a bad place.

(Simmer Note: Lot Traits- Filthy, Cursed and Mean Vibes).

Eugene's dream is to have a big happy family. He loves kids. Unfortunately, he's a little squeamish about messes, so he's a little worried about all the gross things that kids will do and bring into his home. He also can get jealous from time to time. He wasn't given as much affection as he should have received when he was a child, so he guards any he gets very closely. He's a bit lazy, and has no major career goals at this time.

His wife Pearl, is very different from Eugene. Most importantly, she hates children. On top of that, as Eugene has not figured out yet, her aspiration in life is to have as many romantic partners as possible. She doesn't like cleaning, and she often leaves messes laying about. She doesn't mind working, but she hops from one job to the next...she can't seem to find her passion.

While their relationship has never been smooth, by any means, they do tend to fight more now that they've moved back to the Mistfortunate Farm.

He appears to be accusing her of leaving food everywhere, and I think she might be telling him that if he got a job maybe he'd have less time to worry about the house.

Eugene is still very much in love with Pearl, so he left her a drawing on the family bulletin board as an apology.

When bored, Pearl either plays basketball or just goes out to a nightclub.

Eugene watches educational television.

Their neighbors, like Johnny, sometimes come over to play basketball.

Or horseshoes in their big back yard.

Simmer's Note: My goal is to make Eugene happy, despite his unfortunate circumstances. I'm going to try to play the game realistically and within the bounds of what the characters would do. I'm not going to get Eugene promoted several times by making him work his butt off. I'm going to let him be lazy. We'll work towards what he wants at the time, regardless of what that will mean for the long term. Offspring of Eugene will follow the same rules and inherit some of their parents not-so-nice traits.

The Bowling Legacy: Episode 14

For episodes 1 through 12 of Martin Bowling, go here. For episode 13, go here.

Here's a quick refresher: Martin Bowling is the founder of my current legacy challenge. We were following his life and the creation of his social club- the Martineers, who eat cake, dance, play games and be nice to others. Martin married someone unexpected. Together, they had children. Their life, thanks to a low combined income and many mouths to feed, was challenging and didn't turn out the way they had planned. Still, they had a happy family. In our last episode, Martin passes away.

Isaac tried to be sociable, like his older brother, Benjamin. But, it was difficult work being in the cool kids club.

The cool kids just sort of hung out...talking, watching TV, playing on their phones, making fund of adults, etc...

Isaac definitely wasn't as happy as his twin sister, Raelyn.

While Isaac tried to fit in with his peers, Raelyn spent time by herself in her room reading, or outside fishing with her friends- many of whom were adults.

The Bowling family was treated with a surprise visit from a special guest...Martin's ghost!

Jade was a bit nervous at first, but as soon as they started chatting, Jade felt so much better.

She invited Martin inside and they had a great time hanging out. Just like old times! Martin couldn't stay long, but promised he'd be back again.

Raelyn likes to spend her time with the Garden Gnomes club. She particularly enjoys fishing.

The next Martin appearance was at a dance party Benjamin was hosting.

Dance party? One of Martin's favorite activities! He made sure to bring along some of his ghostly friends!

Benjamin didn't mind the extra guests...they made the party more exciting! Benjamin was glad his guests were having a good time. Throwing amazing parties is one of Benjamin's life goals.

But then he saw her...

....and was totally distracted from the rest of his guests. Who was this angel?

Martin Bowling: Episode 13

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Here's a quick refresher: Martin Bowling is the founder of my current legacy challenge. We were following his life and the creation of his social club- the Martineers, who eat cake, dance, play games and be nice to others. 

Martin married someone unexpected. Together, they had children. Their life, thanks to a low combined income and many mouths to feed, was challenging and didn't turn out the way they had planned. Still, they had a happy family. 

In our last post, the kids were getting older and starting to pursue their own interests- Raelyn is interested in outdoor activities and Benjamin in throwing fantastic parties. Martin had to fix a toilet and was wondering if there would ever be enough money for them to hire a plumber.

Martin's children remain average students. They do their best, but their lives are busy. The lower quality of their home means it takes more to improve all their needs.

Jade had worked very hard to get promoted to assistant manager, but it finally happened.

Oh no...looks like the Bowling family will need to purchase a new stove soon. It never ends!

Martin wasn't feeling well and came home in the middle of the day...and then the moment we knew was coming finally arrived...

Martin passed away on the sidewalk outside of his home with a housekeeper and neighbor watching.

It was too soon. He didn't achieve his life goals. Hopefully his children will have the opportunities poor Martin never had.

The Grim Reaper stayed to catch a show on TV.

The entire family was devastated. Martin was buried in the backyard so the family can visit him often. 

Everyone is very sad, but at least they have each other for support.