The Return of the Completion Challenge

Dumpster Dan from on of my Sims 3 challenges.

Dumpster Dan from on of my Sims 3 challenges.

One of my favorite challenges for the Sims 3 I didn't discover until close to the end of my time with the Sims 3. I found the Completion Challenge by Robin in the Sims 3 Challenges group on Yahoo!. The Sims 3 had a LOT of content and I was overwhelmed by it. My normal play-style doesn't often let me explore all the content (as my Sims are often poor). The Completion Challenge provided clear goals for investigating all the random things that expansion packs and stuff packs added.

A couple weeks ago, I found myself in a similar place with the Sims 4...too much content, not enough time. The Sims 4, in addition to the base game, has two expansions, three game packs, and EIGHT stuff packs. Here's a very small fraction of the things in the game I have yet to do:

  • Visit an alien planet
  • Reach the top of ANY career
  • Be a scientist
  • Own a retail establishment
  • Own a restaurant
  • Use the DJ Skill
  • Use the Dance Skill
  • Use the Herbalism Skill
  • Explore the spa treatments or wellness skill
  • Make ice cream
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Make popcorn
  • Use the Wishing Well
  • Have a puppet show
  • Play with Voidcritters
  • Use the water slides
  • Have a bird feeder

And the list goes on and on. So...I searched for a Sims 4 Completion Challenge...none existed. I searched for a similar one...nope...asked on the forums for a similar one...nope. Finally, I contacted the creator of the Sims 3 version, Robin. She said the Sims 4 one did not yet exist, but that I was welcome to make my own. She even volunteered to help a bit (she's been busy with a new set of (real life) twins). 

Sims 4 Players...if there is anything you'd like to see incorporated into the challenge, please leave a note in the comments. I will definitely do all the standard stuff (every aspiration, all the ghosts, all the careers, etc...) but if you have anything in mind that I might not think of...particularly small details (like different places to Woohoo!), I'm interested in hearing your ideas!