The Appearance of Edward Gracey

I'm uncertain as to where I originated from, but I'm inclined to think that it was not from here. As of this moment, I am only aware of today. My first memory is showing up on the doorstep of this home. A home that is mine, apparently. I know this for certain, though I have no idea why I know this. I know many things, in fact. My name is Edward Gracey and that I am a musician by trade, for instance. I knew the recipe for fish tacos, which is unfortunate since I apparently have not mastered the actual cooking of them.

However, I don't have any memories until today. I don't know where I'm from, and I don't know anyone. I'm a complete stranger in this land. I feel totally out of place. 

I am an artist...I play music. I enjoy paintings, sophisticated food and beautiful architecture. My home should have paintings, a fireplace and overstuffed chairs. This does not look like any home of mine Alas, I have no money. It is going to take quite sometime to remedy this situation. I'll need to settle for these simplistic furnishings and the appalling foodstuffs in my fridge.

Hah...I do not believe my misfortune. I have boxes upon boxes of this stuff called "Mac n' Cheese". Ghastly.

Sigh. I'm becoming quite lonely, if I'm honest with myself. I think I'm going to need to introduce myself to some of the inhabitants around here. A few of them came to the door this morning, but I ignored it. I needed to express the hollowness of my existence with my violin. I hope they did not take offense at this. I just couldn't deal with anything more in that moment.


Edward was created as the founder of my Completion Challenge. His traits consist of one that I chose (gloomy) and two randomly generated traits. His aspiration was selected by me, and I created his appearance. The idea for Edward came from a very particular things that I love, which will not be obvious to very many. You are welcome to guess (I know some of you will get it; and future happenings may give you more clues).