The Bowling Legacy: Episode 14

For episodes 1 through 12 of Martin Bowling, go here. For episode 13, go here.

Here's a quick refresher: Martin Bowling is the founder of my current legacy challenge. We were following his life and the creation of his social club- the Martineers, who eat cake, dance, play games and be nice to others. Martin married someone unexpected. Together, they had children. Their life, thanks to a low combined income and many mouths to feed, was challenging and didn't turn out the way they had planned. Still, they had a happy family. In our last episode, Martin passes away.

Isaac tried to be sociable, like his older brother, Benjamin. But, it was difficult work being in the cool kids club.

The cool kids just sort of hung out...talking, watching TV, playing on their phones, making fund of adults, etc...

Isaac definitely wasn't as happy as his twin sister, Raelyn.

While Isaac tried to fit in with his peers, Raelyn spent time by herself in her room reading, or outside fishing with her friends- many of whom were adults.

The Bowling family was treated with a surprise visit from a special guest...Martin's ghost!

Jade was a bit nervous at first, but as soon as they started chatting, Jade felt so much better.

She invited Martin inside and they had a great time hanging out. Just like old times! Martin couldn't stay long, but promised he'd be back again.

Raelyn likes to spend her time with the Garden Gnomes club. She particularly enjoys fishing.

The next Martin appearance was at a dance party Benjamin was hosting.

Dance party? One of Martin's favorite activities! He made sure to bring along some of his ghostly friends!

Benjamin didn't mind the extra guests...they made the party more exciting! Benjamin was glad his guests were having a good time. Throwing amazing parties is one of Benjamin's life goals.

But then he saw her...

....and was totally distracted from the rest of his guests. Who was this angel?