Edward Gracey Meets the Neighbors

If you have not read Edward Gracey before I suggest starting here

I tried. I put forth a dragon-sized effort to befriend the local peoples of this land that is apparently where I live but is not my real home. I inquired as to their favorite form of local entertainment, and made quips about Mac n' Cheese. Nothing pleases these people.

Sometimes they were polite, or even nice, but I had the sinking feeling they were just humoring me. "Good lad", pat on the back, "Run along home then," is what it felt like they were saying. 

One red-haired creature began doing some form of exercise right on the sidewalk while we were having a conversation. And what on this holy earth was she wearing? Pajamas? A Swim suit? Surely not something to be worn outside.

This place is strange. Tonight I shall play the piano to console myself.

In addition to being gloomy, Edward is also self-assured and materialistic.