Vincent Forgets to Pay the Bills

If you haven't read any of the Vincent Donaldson, I recommend starting here.

Vincent and Lillian has too much going on in their lives between careers and children, so they forgot to pay the bills.

The repo lady showed up and took a lamp in the nursery, and the toilet paper!

Finally, it was Lillie's birthday! They had a small gathering, but thankfully it was pretty mild compared to Vincent's birthday. Notice they have yet to replace the kitchen table that Vincent's cake burnt.

Lillie likes to make a mess in her high chair.

Here's Lillian eating leftover birthday cake for breakfast, while Edwin naps in the swing.

Lillian became pregnant once again. It was clear they needed more space in their house. However, no houses for sale in the neighborhood were bigger but affordable. Vincent decided to take out a loan to build an addition on their home.

Lillian cleans, while both the kiddos eat...(Edwin is hiding behind a chair). Sadly, on the evening of Edwin's birthday, Vincent and Lillian didn't get around to organizing a party until it was too late, and people couldn't attend. He transitioned without much celelbration.

Both Lillie and Edwin are learning to walk and talk. 


Edwin and Lillian enjoy playing blocks together at the play table. 

And playing peek-a-boo together in the playpen.