Vincent sets his Birthday on Fire

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With two infants, two careers, and not much money, life has been very busy and challenging for the Donaldsons. For days, Lillian never actually went to sleep at night...she survived on micronaps whenever both of the children managed to be sleeping. Vincent helped when he could, but he had recently gotten a promotion at work that required him to be on call. Frequently, he'd have to go into the hospital in the middle of the night, but still have to get up the next morning to go in. Life was rough.

Fortunately, Lillian is able to save them money by being able to fix all of their old and cheap appliances. They break often, so this is important!

Vincent's birthday rolled around and they had a party. 

They invited all their neighbors and coworkers in the hopes that they could get to know some of them a bit better. They hadn't had time to make friends with anyone besides each other.

They provided the birthday cake and the pizza, but a few of their guests brought dishes such as lobster thermidor and stu surprise.


As Vincent was blowing out the cake, he managed to catch the kitchen table on fire.

Much to the shock of his guests, Vincent also caught on fire. The fire department was notified immediately and Vincent attempted to extinguish himself.

Lillian took a moment to admire the very attractive firefighter amid her concern for her husband.

The fire was put out and Vincent was safe. The table and cake were ruined, though. Interestingly, the insurance company also covered the cost of the destroyed birthday cake.

Vincent's transition proceeded after his flames were extinguished.

Poor accident-prone Vincent, in the center of attention!

After the excitement was over, the guests were able to laugh it off and move on. They did manage to form a few friendships before the evening was over.