Edith's Bullet Journal Day 3

Edith had Tuesday off. Her goals for this day were to join a club and to visit the spa to find out about yoga classes.

05-21-17_9-26-07 PM.png

Not quite interested in starting her own club just yet, Edith reviewed the selection of local clubs. She decided to apply for membership to the Avante Garde club as they advertised discussing literature.  

Despite showing up in a cranky mood (thanks noisy neighbors!), she managed to make a good impression with most of the members of the club. She was accepted.

She was able to take part in a yoga class that day at the spa.

05-21-17_9-32-09 PM.png

She wasn't very good, but it was her first time trying. She plans to try again later in the week.

She was hungry, and she decided to check out the bar The Shrieking Llama in hopes that it was singles night. It was not...

05-21-17_9-38-06 PM.png

It was Alien night, which was definitely interesting. She met a couple friendly aliens, though.

Here's the current state of the bullet journal! Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means work from 11 to 7.